Before your first float

Before your first float:

You don’t need to bring anything but yourself

We will cover the basics and answer any questions


Avoid shaving for at least 10-12 hours prior to your float. Float tanks are filled with epsom salt, and the resulting effects on your skin from shaving can lead to a distracting stinging sensation. 

Scrapes & Cuts

We provide Vaseline in the shower for your convenience. If you have any scrapes or cuts, place Vaseline on them to prevent the salt from irritating them. 

Basic Instructions for using the Floatation tank

  1. Please use the restroom before entering the floatation tank.
  2. Please shower and shampoo before and after entering the floatation tank to remove dirt, oil, and salt water from your body.
  3. Please remove all clothing and jewelry before entering the floatation tank (you may wear loose swim wear if you prefer).
  4. You may enter and leave the floatation tank as you wish at any time.
  5. You may float with your head towards either the back of the floatation tank or directly beneath the door. You can keep the door open if you wish.
  6. Many people prefer to float with either their arms at their sides or with their hands clasped behind their head. Fell free to experiment and find the position which is most comfortable for you.
  7. “Ping-ponging” is a natural phenomena for the first time user. As you relax, you will tend to become peaceful in the center of the tank.
  8. Small cuts or abrasions may be sealed with petroleum jelly provided to prevent irritation by the Epsom salts.
  9. If this is your first experience, you may notice some tension in your neck – relax your neck into the water and you will float comfortably. Your head will safely and comfortably float like the rest of your body. We offer VIP preparation packages which include neck massage and other treatments to help you relax.
  10. When you are ready to leave the floatation tank, sit up slowly to regain your balance, and keep your head tilted back slightly to allow the water to run off your head without getting into your eyes. Open the door, stand up slowly and allow your body to readjust to the pull of  gravity before exiting.
  11. Please stand in the tray for a few seconds to allow the salt water to drain from your body; squeeze the excess water from your hair, and wipe excess water from your body before exiting.
  12. Be sure to shower once again to remove all the salt solution from your hair and skin.